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About Suzy Valtsioti

Suzy Valtsioti I live in Greece. I love art and books. I find art history fascinating. Many styles of art captivate me, favoring surreal art, Fauvism, Expressionism, the Dada movement and Symbolism. That goes to say that I tend to gravitate towards literature in the same way. As far as books go, works steeped in symbolism, books and art that fall withing magical realism as a genre & most works of ancient literature are my standard first choice. I love painting, as well as digital art and I love writing. Diary of a Mobster's Wife, my "diary" novel is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fnac, Apple, and many book dealers worldwide. A new novel, which I am thrilled to be writing is quite surreal, definitely magical realism with a spritz of gothic and it is coming out very soon. I suppose I am somewhat of a paradox being a "culture vulture", an old school bohemian and a traditional rebel. Someone seriously outside the box, thoughts and all. Feel free to visit and follow at